So I am writing this post on Blue Monday which is supposedly the most depressing day of the year. So I am hoping on this cold damp winter day, this blog post might bring a smile to your face!

During our photoshoot, things won’t always go 100% to plan but that’s okay. Animals are unpredictable, although I can often predict if we are in a field of long grass they might just want a munch on it!! My photoshoots are always lots of fun and full of laughter and these moments just capture your horse/dogs personality. 

I will always include out-takes and bloopers in your gallery, although they probably won’t make the wall. They might just make you smile and they are a memory of the day!

I have put together some of my favourite bloopers and out-takes of 2020, let me know if any in particular made you laugh!

Jessie x

If you are interested in your own photoshoot, I am now taking bookings for Spring onwards. I am compiling a list of people interested in booking a shoot once lockdown has lifted. If you want to go on my list, please drop me a message. 

Interested in your own photoshoot with your horses, dogs and family? Fill the form in below and I will be in touch.

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