Recently I attended my first Flyball competition as their event photographer and what a brilliant time I had! What a fantastic team sport it is, for those that don’t know much about Flyball I really recommend going to have a watch for yourself! In short, the dogs are part of a team of four which race over hurdles to a box which releases a tennis ball. The dog catches the tennis ball and retrieves it back to their handler and the next dog sets off. All of that at a super speedy pace, in fact if you blink you might just miss them.

I have included a few of my favourite images at the bottom of this blog post (it was extremely hard to narrow it down to a select few, considering all the lovely dogs I was lucky to photograph). Although there is a lot of collies and working cocker spaniels competing, I love the variety of dogs that get involved. It just shows that any dog can have a go!

During the event, I saw numerous examples of great sportsmanship, with people helping out other teams when they’re a man down or in need of an extra pair of hands! People are so friendly and willing to have a chat and explain to you what is going on!

Since the event I have felt overwhelmed by the lovely comments on Social Media, as well as all the messages I have received. It was a lovely, well organised event run by Katherine Palin and her team at Barking 4 Balls.

Thank you to everyone who has ordered so far. If anyone is looking for an event photographer please do get in touch. I also offer dog and equine portrait photoshoots and have a 15% off introductory offer for anyone interested.

For anyone wanting to view the images they can be found at:

If you want to try Flyball, have a look at the following link to find a team near you:

Thank you,

Jessie x

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