My first photoshoot back after the madness that is lockdown and what a photoshoot it was!! We were scheduled in for the Friday but with the weather looking iffy we brought it forwards to the Wednesday. This proved to be the best decision because the light was STUNNING. We shot at golden hour (my favourite time to shoot) so we’re talking flattering light, golden glow, sun flares and silhouettes.

I was greeted by Lucy and her mum Louisa, along with their two dachshunds Skye and Buzz, the lovely whippet Lottie and their two horses Jenny and Tony.

We had beautiful locations to choose from and Lucy had brought four gorgeous outfits. We set about getting country casual images to begin with, with Lucy and her mum looking fab in their matching outfits! This is where we also got the little dachshunds involved, I have never met a daschund that wasn’t full of sass and Skye and Buzz lived up to my expectation! Such characterful dogs!

Next up was Lucy’s gorgeous blue dress and it was Lottie’s turn to pose. Anyone who knows me, knows that older dogs are my fav and Lottie was a delight, with a lovely smile and full of energy.

Next up my favourite outfit, the cowgirl yeehawww, if you didn’t know you might think we was in a sunny American state, not rainy England! All I could picture was a Miley Cyrus(pre breakdown)/Hannah Montana music video. Lucy also used to do pony club mounted games and now competes barrel racing (how cool) with Jenny, which meant she wasn’t afraid to jump on and gallop off! Which of course always makes for great images.

The final images, included Lucy in a long dress and with the sun setting behind the trees. We experimented and managed to get a silhouette shot which I am so pleased with. Here’s a selection of my favourite images from the shoot!

If you want your own shoot please do get in touch and don’t forget my exclusive offers expires 31st May!!

Jessie x

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