My second photoshoot back after lockdown and this one was a proper family affair, I’m talking 3 horses, 4 people, a dog and a chicken!!! The photoshoot was mainly to get photographs of 7 month-old border collie puppy Isla, but we got all the family involved too.

Especially considering her age, Isla was so well behaved. I think she was quite intrigued by me, aka the weird lady she’d never met before that kept making weird noises and shouting her name. She’d look at me inquisitively then bounce over excitedly to say hello, there’s nothing better than doggy kisses is there!

We took her to the field to get some action shots whilst playing fetch, which leads me onto my favourite part of the shoot. She suddenly decided ‘that’s enough fetch for one day’ and bombed down the field to this big water bucket and jumped straight in! We followed her down, where she was sat waiting patiently for her picture to be taken.

Of course I can’t write this blog post and not mention Gill’s fabulous idea of attaching a toy to a lunge line, as you can see from the pics Isla loved it. I rang my mum straight after the shoot to tell her she must use that game with her energetic chocolate labrador!

We then went back to the yard to get their three horses; Silke, Breeze and Kavanagh. They all looked immaculate, I mean look at Breeze’s mane and feathers! Perfectly white and truly picture-perfect.

I have picked a few of my favourite images from the day, if you’re interested in your own photoshoot then please do get in touch. I would love to meet you and your four-legged friends!

Jessie x

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