If anyone here has ever lost an animal, you’ll know the pain I’m about to talk about. In the last 18 months we lost 3 dogs, we always knew we’d lose them close together because they were similar ages. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make it any easier, does it?

We lost Lady first, a little cavalier who spent her life surrounded by labradors and was probably ‘more Labrador’ than cavalier in the end. A sassy little diva she’ll be forever known as, we lost her age 12 last year.

Last September we lost Beauty, this one was always going to be the hardest and my tears start to fall as I sit and write this. It is still so raw. You see, I used to be scared of dogs, I’d scream and hide behind my mum if a dog even came near me.  I had to have plastic surgery as a child as I was bitten by a dog in the face, missing my eye by a few centimetres. I don’t actually think that’s the reason I was so scared, I have an extremely distinct childhood memory of being chased on a bike by a dog, with my uncle running behind me begging me to stop. I have no idea how long I cycled without the dog actually chasing me, I just did not look back. Getting a dog when I was aged 7 seemed the obvious solution for my parents. So this little puppy arrived and she used to make me cry on a daily basis as she bit my school socks (the ones with the holes in, ideal for a puppy really). But of course, who can’t fall in love with a labrador puppy and before long I was a dog-loving child with all my fears gone.

I can’t really find the words to describe Beauty, whatever I say would be an injustice. She’s left a lasting legacy and well, look at me, working a career involving dogs and I can’t imagine my home will ever be a Labrador free place again. She was 14 when we lost her and although a great age, I really would do anything to have her just a little longer.

Then during lockdown, we lost our lovely Daisy, she was Beauty’s best friend and we knew she would never want to spend long on this planet once Beauty had gone. She was the kindest soul I have ever met, I know people say things like that about their own dogs but truly she was. She was my 11th birthday present and will remain the best birthday present I’ve ever received. My mum got Fudge and Bear as we knew there would come a time when Beauty, Daisy and Lady would pass and Tinkerbelle would be left on her own. Daisy would let the puppies hang off her ears, bite her face whilst never once snapping; she was like their mum really. She was 12 years old when we lost her and it felt like grieving for all 3 of them once again.

I couldn’t bear it really. I sat and cried and looked at pictures and laughed as we recollected memories. I knew I had to do something so that’s where ‘Daisy Day’s has originated from, consumed with grief and needing something to concentrate on. I put everything in place during lockdown and launched the project as lockdown started to lift.

I am lucky to have so many photos to remember them by and this year alone two horses have passed away before we have had the chance to do their photoshoot. I know people think ‘oh we’ll get round to it’ and they never do and then it’s too late. Owner’s with a horse or dog that is reaching the end of its life due to old age or terminal illness can enter to be selected for their own Daisy Day, a one-hour photoshoot capturing beautiful keepsakes to treasure.

One horse/dog will be selected each month, where they can have their own photoshoot in their favourite place. The only requirement is a £30 donation which will be donated entirely to ‘Oldies Club’. After the session the owner will receive a mounted 9×6 print and 6 digital images for social media. I absolutely love older animals and I am hoping we can raise money for charity, get pictures for owners to treasure of their animals and for me personally it’s keeping Beauty, Daisy and Lady’s memory alive.

If you want to enter your dog or horse for their own ‘Daisy Day’ click below and fill in the form. 

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