I initially met Nicola online during Sophie Callahan’s My Rural Business Challenge 2020. It’s a challenge that fellow photographer/blogger Sophie created to bring together likeminded equestrian/country businesses and individuals. It attracts people from all over the UK but it turns out Nicola and I live approximately 5 minutes away from each other! Cheshire Equine Photoshoot. 

Fast forward to June and one of my first equine photoshoots after lockdown was with the lovely Nicola and her handsome chestnut gelding Bond. I arrived at the most photogenic yard, you’ll see what I mean.

We started off with a lovely summer dress and made our way to the lane stopping for a few photos along the way. The first photos we took were against this corrugated blue metal which works as quite a cool different background.


The next location proved a little tempting for Bond as he pulled Nicola for a munch of grass, as if walking in heels wasn’t difficult enough! But he was also willing to stand and smile for a photo and JUST LOOK AT THAT SMILE so all is forgiven. 


We didn’t want to travel too far with Nicola wearing heels so we walked to this little lane on the entrance to the yard. It was surrounded by lots of trees and greenery. 


On the way back for an outfit change I spotted these wheels, I am not too sure what they are for but I thought they made for an interesting photo! On photo shoots I am always looking for different textures and backgrounds. Whether that be brick walls, coloured containers, flowers and trees.


We took a few black background photos and had a quick outfit change to something more relaxed and casual. With footwear ultimately easier to walk in too!

The views surrounding the fields were stunning as I am sure you will agree. It really was a great yard for having numerous photogenic spots and ultimately we got lots of variety in the images. 


Finally, the last outfit change and I love this little pathway we shot on. I shot a few images through the trees which created a cool effect. Finishing with a photo shot through one side of a barn out to the other and a traditional over the door smiley photo. This simplistic pose is one of my favourites.


Nicola is now one of my brand ambassadors but I will save that story for another blog post that is coming soon! If you want to follow Nicola and Bond on Instagram head to the link below. Nicola has one of the best accounts on instagram, it documents the true friendship and bond she has with Bond.


Interested in your own photoshoot with your horses, dogs and family? Fill the form in below and I will be in touch.

Jessie x

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