‘I’m hers and she’s mine’ William tells me as we walk back to my car, and that just confirmed for me how utterly special their bond was.

When I started the Daisy Day project, I wanted to do something positive during a negative time and celebrate Daisy’s (and Beauty/Lady’s) memory! The first Daisy Day photoshoot with Maggie was just perfect, her happy smiley face and kind eyes, a dog that truly loves her 3 little humans and her two pawrents.

At 13.5 years old she is a little slower than her younger companion Raven (and a little less bouncy) but she was still willing to jump in the air for a treat, run for her tennis ball and go for a dip in the river!

We got some family shots and action shots on the grass at Manor Park, then headed for the flower garden and river. As we start walking Dawn puts Maggie back on the lead and informs me she needs to go on a lead until we are around the corner, just in case anyone is eating a picnic!

Dawn and Michael had been only living together for a week before they felt the emptiness in the house and realised it was missing a dog! Along came Maggie, their first baby. This reminds me of myself and James, when we moved into our first house last year I was counting down the days till we could collect our Nellie and make our house a home.

Next came their three boys; William, George and Alex. Dawn recollects how they thought they’d lost her once and she was upstairs under Williams cot! How’s that for a free babysitter!! She’s looked after the boys as if they are her own and I’m told their baby photos regularly feature Maggie standing guard and watching over them with the occasional lick thrown in! You can tell she loves her boys, but William especially it was so clear to see, she adores him. Just like Maggie was Dawn and Michaels first baby, I think Maggie see’s William as her first baby!

If you have your own older horse/dog please do enter them to be selected for their own Daisy Day photoshoot!

Jessie x

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