Introducing Me

Welcome to my brand new website for the official launch of Jessie Lee Photography, I am so excited to see where my photography may take me and to meet lots of beautiful horses and dogs!

So a little about me; I am 22 years old and I recently completed my four years at university and finished with a Masters in Human Resource Management and a degree in Business Studies.

I’ve never really known what I wanted to do when I ‘grew up’ but the one constant in my life has been my animals. I probably should have worked out sooner that an office job wouldn’t be for me and that I would definitely end up working with animals. I currently have four horses, five dogs, a cat and thirteen sheep so you can certainly call me the crazy animal lady.

I first got into photography when my mum was gifted a camera for our competition days, she turned out to be rubbish at taking pictures and I swiftly took over the camera. During college I studied photography which is where I guess I started to take it a bit more seriously. I did a few things for charity and photographed events in order to earn a bit of extra money whilst at university.

Anyway fast forwards to now, I have spent the last five months bringing my vision to life. I have sampled products galore and spent hours upon hours researching in order to only provide the best products. My supplier really does produce beautiful wall art that will stand out in anyone’s home. I have been working with Sarah from SM Web Designs in order to bring my brand and website to life. I wanted my branding to be plain and simplistic in order for my pictures to do the talking which I think she’s captured perfectly! Over the next few months I will be running a few introductory promotions and competitions so be sure to keep an eye on my page and sign up to my monthly newsletter.

Please take a look around my website and I hope I get to meet you and your four-legged friends soon!

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