So as part of my lockdown ‘to do’ list, here I am posting my first blog of 2020! I thought I would show you what my assistant see’s whilst I am taking the shot, versus how the photo comes out in camera. My editing style is minimal, I like the image to be a true representation of what is actually in front of me. 

Featured in the shots are Johanne with Connemara pony Mac, bay pony Rodney and chesnut pony Claude.

This shot was always intended to be a black background, although as the doorway was quite narrow I had to use photoshop to extend the background. Black backgrounds are always best taken in the entrance to a stable or barn and if ‘got right’ in camera, they actually take minimal editing.

A simple walking a way shot, we was making our way to the top field anyway so I took the opportunity to grab this shot without them even knowing. As the background was quite plain, I found it worked best in black and white ( I do LOVE a black and white shot). I also edited out the telephone pole as it was quite distracting.

Now this is what you call a PHOTOBOMB. Phineas the sheep was not supposed to be in the shot, but he decided to come and investigate what was going on. As you can see, he decided to be star of the show and strike his best pose!

I wonder what Claude is thinking in this shot, he does have a lovely kind eye.

Hope everyone is staying safe during these troubling times and that you enjoyed this blog post.

Jessie x

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